Gifts for Wine Lovers

Basics and Beyond for the Wino in Your Life

Holiday music is playing in all the stores, decorations are up, the weather’s getting chilly…which means the time for stressing about what to get your loved ones is also here. The list below includes 50+ ideas curated to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover. From basics for the newly initiated to the coolest gadgets to help your near-and-dearest enjoy their wine to the max and some items that are just cute and silly, I’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget small, local boutiques near you with cute knick knacks, too. A lot will have wine glasses, tea towels, unique bottle stoppers, and other small items in the wine genre. I strongly encourage you to use this list for inspiration and buy locally. Happy shopping!

One quick housekkeping note. Prices listed are as of the time of the original post and may change. Check the links for the current pricing. All of these recommendations were made with no influence from advertisers or sponsors, but I may receive compensation if you use the links below.


That was obvious, right? Whew. If you’re apart this year, your best bet is Wine.com to handle all your shipping needs. If you want to find something a little out of the norm, Helen’s Wines has an incredible selection of unique wines, is known for her natural wines, and ships affordably for a flat rate of $20 + $1 per bottle across the country.


The most basic item after wine, but let’s jazz it up. Here are a couple classic options plus some upgrades, whether you’re going for fab or fun.

$12.85 There Might Be Wine in Here Mug

If your wino loves coffee, too, this mug is the perfect way to make them giggle first thing in the morning. It’s especially great for work from home mornings.

$12.50 On Wednesdays We Drinks Wine Glass

Inspired by Mean Girls, this adorable glass is perfect for anyone who preaches the gospel of Wine Wednesdays. Check out Pretty Creative Mama‘s store for other cute wine glasses and more.

$14.98 2020 Quarantine Survival Glass

For those who are doing the most to survive 2020 with a little help from their favorite wine bottle. Gift this to anyone getting by and as a cheeky reminder of how crazy this year has been.

$19.99 BrüMate Wine Glass Tumbler in Mermaid Glitter

Take your wine with you for that walk around the neighborhood or down to the beach. This tumbler is also great for keeping those whites and rosés chilled while you sip outside.

$30 Tiffany & Co. All-Purpose Red Wine Glass
Handmade, mouth-blown crystal glass.

While these glasses may be expensive, who doesn’t love getting a box from Tiffany? Just 1 glass or a set of 2 is sure to delight in that signature blue box!

$59.13 Riedel Red Wine Glasses Set of 4

The less glamorous cousin of the Tiffany glass, Riedel is well-known and high quality for your everyday wine glass. They also have a glassware set for your white wine-drinking friends. They’re dishwasher safe, making cleanup after wine night a breeze.

$49.99 Lenox Monogrammed Champagne Flutes Set of 4

A beautiful gift for newlyweds or first-time homeowners. Made from imported glass and dishwasher safe. Choose any letter to personalize them. This set is normally $72, so grab them now while they’re on sale.

$12.99 Tossware All About the Wine Set of 6

Shopping for someone who loves to picnic or can’t be trusted with actual glass? Look no further than Tossware plastic wine cups, complete with 6 different wine puns, including one of my faves, “Wine not?”


If you’ve ever picked up a delicious bottle only to realize you don’t have a corkscrew, you know how important this step is. The go-to staple will forever be the waiter corkscrew in my eyes, but sometimes you just need something easier.

$9.99 Professional Waiter Corkscrews Set of 4

These waiter corkscrews are simple but effective. While they’re extremely reliable, grab a few to store around the house or for when one inevitably gets lost.

$19.99 Chefman Electric Wine Automatic Corkscrew

An automatic corkscrew does the hard work for you and practically lets you open that bottle one-handed. This one comes with an aerator and foil cutter all in one compact charging station.

$45.65 Rabbit Wine Corkscrew

This corkcscrew is a little pricier but it’s easy to use like the electric wine opener without the worry that it’ll die or jam. It comes with a foil cutter and a spare spiral.

$49.99 Ivation Wine Gift Set

This set is great for that someone who won’t finish the bottle in 1 night. It includes an electric wine opener, vacuum wine preserver, aerator, 2 bottle stoppers, and a foil cutter, all contained in the charging base.

$149 Electric Blue Omega All-in-One Wine Opener & Preserver

Looking to level up from the Ivation gift set above? In addition to an electric opener, it comes with an automatic dispenser and aerator, 2 vacuum bottle stoppers, and a foil cutter, all fitting within the charging base.


Here’s where wine really gets fun! Invite the crew over for a wine night with these new hosting accessories.

$85 Company Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

No wine night is complete without a cheese plate imo. This cute bamboo board has a compartment to stow away the bowls & cutlery and folds down to half-size for storage.

$49.95 Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Looking for something elegant but without the hefty price tag? This gorgeous wine decanter hits the mark. Made with hand blown lead-free crystal glass, it’s sure to impress friends at the next dinner party.

$23.99 Modern Innovations Marble Wine Chiller

Serving white or rosé for your dinner party? Keep it chilled in between refills with this classy grey marble chiller. It can also repurpose as a vase or kitchen utensil holder when not being used for wine.

$34.99 BrüMate Winesulator in Glitter Violet

This 25 oz. wine canteen is perfect for taking that white or rosé out to a picnic, outdoor concerts, or a day at the beach. It comes it tons of colors, but I’m partial to the glitter ones.

$26.95 KOVOT 9 Piece Wine Picnic Set

Speaking of picnics, this set has everything needed for a distanced visit with friends. It includes 2 acrylic wine glasses, 2 wine glass stakes, 2 cloth picnic napkins, a corkscrew, a bottle stopper, and the insulated carrying bag. Just add the wine!

$27.98 HAMILO 4 Bottle Wine Tote Bag

With max wine capacity, this chic bag is ideal for a wine picnic or beachday. It’s leakproof with a padded shoulder & removable divider plus has an expandable zipper to fit any leftover wine.


Falling in love with wine usually means wanting to learn more about it. Here are some great books to help your wino dive in and show off their knowledge plus a couple for the coffee table.

$31.49 Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

This book is a must-read for those new to wine and looking to learn more about it. The Magnum Edition showcases that info in an expanded hardcover beautiful enough to feature on the bookshelf or even the coffee table.

$57.90 Champagne: The Essential Guide to the Wines, Producers, and Terroirs of the Iconic Region

Any fan of bubbly should own this gorgeous book and map set begging to be displayed. The book won several awards, most notably the 2018 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award.

$12.99 Women of the Vine: Inside the World of Women Who Make, Taste, and Enjoy Wine

The perfect book for the wine-loving feminist in your life or anyone who would enjoy a woman’s perspective on the best topic out there.

$14.31 The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That

Written by Master Somm Richard Betts, he teaches the basic components of wine by sniffing your way through this unique book.

$5.99 On Cloud Wine: Adult Coloring Book

Who doesn’t need a little stress relief this year? With over 40 pages of wine-inspired pages, it’s plenty of fun to pour some wine and color it out, either with the fam or or hiding out for some alone time.

Stocking Stuffers

When you just need a little something extra, these are your best bets.

$24 Just Add Sparkle

Looking for that extra pizazz to make your cocktails stand out? Add this all-natural edible glitter to wow everyone. Mimosas are just asking for this extra glam.

$30 Wine Soaps Set of 4

Know someone who loves wine and a luxurious soak in the tub? Help them wash 2020 right down the drain and unwind with this wine-scented soap.

$28 Wine Pairing Towel Set Set of 2

Take the guesswork out of hosting with these towels. Choose the wine you’re serving and follow the chart to select food that pairs well with it. Easy breezy.

$16.11 True Wine Wipes

No one wants the tell-tale sign of wine teeth. Get rid of the red with these wipes that double as breath freshener.

$8 Rabbit Wine & Beverage Bottle Stoppers Set of 4

Keep it simple for the stocking. It never hurts to have a few extra bottle stoppers on hand.

$8.99 ERHIRY Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper

To make sure your wine holds all of its goodness for a few days, don’t miss this serious bottle stopper.

$9.99 Stainless Steel Letter Bottle Stoppers

Kick your stocking game up a notch with a personalized letter bottle stopper for those bottles to finish off tomorrow.

$16.99 Champagne Stopper by Kloveo

Nothing’s worse than pouring your opened bubbly for morning mimosas, only to find out it went flat. A bubbly afficianado will appreciate this stopper’s effectiveness.

$4.99 Rabbit Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

A simple but helpful tool. No more cutting yourself trying to get the foil off or accidentally getting foil in the bottle with this little guy.

$8.99 Wine Glass Charms Set

No one likes to lose their glass at a party. Use these adorable beach-themed charms to keep track of everyone’s drinks.

$15.99 Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Ready to drink but forgot to decant your special bottle of wine? Enter an aerator. It’s even great on younger or cheaper bottles to bring out all the flavors.

$7.95 Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

What red wine drinker hasn’t had a spill or 2? Keep this in the cabinet to get rid of all the evidence.

$13.14 Vacu Vin Wine Bottle Snap Thermometer

Get the most out of every bottle of wine by serving it at the right temperature. Impress friends and host the best parties with this easy thermometer.

$22.46 Corkcicle Air

Ever pulled the wine out of the fridge for dinner, but by the time you’re ready for the second glass it’s warm? The Corkcicle Air keeps the wine chilled, plus it aerates while pouring.

Home Decor

If your wine lover is ready to show off their love for all who come over, these are for you.

$20.50 Best Friends Wine Print

An adorable gift for your best partner in wine. Personalize the hair color, wine type, and skin tone. Check out more from Roxy’s Illustrations for other options, including different outfits and backgrounds.

$85 Personalized Wine Serving Tray

Save some trips back and forth to the kitchen with this easy-to-use tray. Personalize it for a thoughtful gift. Another great idea for newlyweds and new homeowners.

$24 Uncorked Wine Candle

Who doesn’t love a candle, especially when it’s wine-scented? For your eco-friendly wine lover, select their favorite wine and give an upcycled gift made from an old wine bottle.

$15.50 Wine Coasters

Everyone can use a set of coasters, and this set of wine puns is sure to bring a smile to anyone using one.

$22.95 Monogram Letter Wine Cork Holder

Not sure what to do with all those wine corks you’ve been saving? Snag this personalized decoration perfect for above the bar cart.

$35 Wine Cork State

Another great way to proudly display the corks from those amazing bottles and memorable parties. Choose the state best representing your wino.

$50 Swivel Bath Tray

For the bath-lover, this tray holds a wine glass, candle, and whatever else is needed for relaxing in the tub.

$26.99 Metal Wine Rack

In need of somewhere to store all those wine goodies? This modern wine rack holds up to 9 bottles without taking up a lot of counter space.

$69.99 Freestanding Wine Rack

Ready to start a wine corner or upgrade from a bar cart? This bamboo wine rack holds up to 16 bottles and has a rack for glasses, too.

A Few Random Ones

Here are a few that didn’t fit into a category but shouldn’t be missed.

$6.99 Wine Journal

The more wine we drink, the harder it is to remember which ones we liked and why. Keeping a wine journal provides notes to refer back to and helps identify patterns about which wines we prefer. This one also includes a helpful tasting guide.

$31.42 Moleskine Wine Journal

Upgrade the standard wine journal to a sleek Moleskine leather journal. Complete with sections for different types of wine and tasting guides, this journal makes it easier than ever to keep track.

$20 Merlot Infused Coffee

Have a wine lover who also loves coffee? Try this unique roast aged in Merlot wine barrells to start off the day with a responsible wine kick.

$38 Shower Wine Holder

You’ve heard of a shower beer, so why not a shower glass of wine? This beautiful holder makes that dream a reality and even comes with a plastic wine glass to keep your shower glass-free.

$15.99 May Contain Wine T-Shirt

This cotton blend shirt is made for work from home. Get cozy on the couch with a glass of wine and your laptop while wearing this tee. Slippers and sweatpants optional.


We can all use more holiday cheer! Here are a few to pull out in December, year after year, to put a smile on someone’s face.

$20 Merry AF Double Wine Tote

Can we please talk about how adorable this bag is?? The perfect reusable bag for all the holiday party wine bottles you’ll be carting around. It holds 2 bottles, so it’s perfect for the classic partygoer: 1 for the host and 1 to share.

$15 Mulled Wine Ornament

A classic dual-purpose gift. It starts out as a unique ornament for the holiday tree. Then when the tree comes down, pour the spices into a saucepan with your favorite seasonal beverage for a holiday treat.

$8 Santa Pants Tote Bag

Another reusable wine bottle tote bag, but this one has a distinctly December vibe. Where better to store your wine than in Santa’s pants? No wish lists or stockings required.

$29.95 Blitzen Wine Bottle Stopper

I’m a sucker for a silly bottle stopper, and this one is simply a must-have. Bust out this reindeer when you’ve already drank several bottles of wine with the crew and mistakenly open another before calling it a night.

Wine Storage

Looking for a nice gift for your significant other or going in together for a group gift? Every wine lover needs a way to store their top bottles to ensure they age to their peak.

$149 Basic 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

This small wine fridge is an excellent starter to store those few special bottles at the proper temperature. It holds 6 bottles to get your collection started and features a see-through door to check which bottles you have on-hand without disturbing them.

$199 12-Bottle Compact Wine Cooler

Need room for more than 6 bottles? This 12-bottle fridge is up to the task! It features a digital touchscreen to make wine storage at the perfect temperature as easy as possible.

$349 18-Bottle Dual Zone MAX Compressor Wine Cooler

So what’s the next step in wine fridges? Dual zone! Store red and white wine together but at different temperatures and ensure they’re all stored in optimal conditions.

Gift Lists

These gifts are compiled in lists for the sites mentioned here most. Check out the links below to the full lists for a quick look at what’s recommended above plus a few bonus items:

Uncommon Goods

That’s a Wrap

That concludes this list, but have fun with your gift buying! What are you gifting your fave wine lover this year? What did I miss? Leave a comment below.

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