French 75 Recipe

For those nights you just want to feel fancy or classic, a French 75 is the perfect cocktail. It’s chic and will make any night a little more special. As with any wine cocktail recipe, you want to buy wine you would drink on its own, but on the cheaper end since you’re mixing it. The simple syrup and lemon juice add sweetness to the drink, so I’d recommend a dry sparkling wine, like a Brut or Brut Nature. The base is sparkling wine and gin, but there are so many versions to try! Here’s a basic recipe to get you started.

Mulled Wine Recipe

Your New Favorite Winter Wine Cocktail I’m still feeling festive over here, and the cold weather is just getting started. Warm yourself up with some mulled wine! If you love red wine and apple cider, this will be your new favorite winter drink.⁠ I first tried mulled wine at a Christmas market in Paris atContinue reading “Mulled Wine Recipe”

National Sangria Day + Winter Sangria Recipe

Prep for Christmas with Sangria December 20th is National Sangria Day, and over here I started the celebrations a little early to make sure all of you are prepared! Sangria is one of my favorite wine cocktails, and so I’ve made a winter-appropriate red wine sangria to share. ⁠⁠ Sangria can be a little allContinue reading “National Sangria Day + Winter Sangria Recipe”