What Is Rosé Wine?

When you think of rosé, what do you imagine? If you’re picturing a bottle of White Zinfandel or something sickeningly sweet with a dark pink color, please keep reading! There is so much more to rosé, and I’ve converted many rosé haters. Your summer wine game is about to level up.

Wines to Try Based on Your Favorite Styles: Part 1

Are you ready to try different wines but don’t know where to start? I’m breaking down exactly what to buy based on what you’re already drinking, starting with cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, grenache, pinot grigio, and prosecco.

How to Buy Wine with Confidence

Picking Past the Pretty Label Alright fam, we know how to taste wine & order it at a restaurant now, but how on earth are you supposed to figure out what wine to buy at the store without getting overwhelmed by all the options and aisles? As you’re new to wine and learning what youContinue reading “How to Buy Wine with Confidence”

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant

Conquering the Wine List Raise your hand if you’ve been out to dinner with friends or clients and had no idea where to start when the waiter handed you the wine list? I’ve been there. The wine list can be intimidating at first, especially if it’s more than a page, but with these tips you’llContinue reading “How to Order Wine at a Restaurant”