National Sangria Day + Winter Sangria Recipe

Prep for Christmas with Sangria

December 20th is National Sangria Day, and over here I started the celebrations a little early to make sure all of you are prepared! Sangria is one of my favorite wine cocktails, and so I’ve made a winter-appropriate red wine sangria to share. ⁠⁠

Sangria can be a little all over the board on the specifics. It can be made with either red or white wine and can vary widely on what fruit is mixed in. It will have at least some sweetness because of the fruit juice but some will be very sweet. Personally I prefer it on the less sweet side. ⁠⁠

Looking for a fun way to celebrate? Check out Airbnb Experiences for their Sangria & Secrets class with Dragtaste! With drag queen hosts coming to you live from Portugal to perform and guide you through making your own traditional Portuguese sangria in an interactive format, it just might be the most fun you’ll have in quarantine. We still talk about how fun it was 3 months later!

⁠⁠Until you get their traditional recipe, here’s one to make for your own celebrations on Sunday. A lot of sangria recipes will use brandy, but I love the way spiced rum blends with the other flavors in this one. Tbh it was a happy accident when I forgot to get brandy before a Sunday party. If you like brandy, feel free to sub it in for the rum. ⁠

⁠For the wine, I used ⁠Campo Viejo’s garnacha. You want to use something you would drink on its own but on the less expensive end since you’re mixing it into a cocktail.⁠⁠

Winter Sangria Recipe
Serves about 4

1/8 cup sugar⁠
1/8 cup water⁠
1 bottle Spanish red table wine
⁠1/2 cup spiced rum⁠
1/4 cup triple sec⁠
1/2 cup orange juice⁠
1/2 cup pomegranate juice⁠
1 orange, sliced⁠
1 apple, sliced⁠
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds⁠⁠

Boil the sugar and water until the sugar dissolves, stirring occasionally. I usually do this in the microwave. Stir all ingredients together in a pitcher and put in the fridge overnight for about 24 hours. Serve with the fruit for a garnish in the glass.⁠ Makes about 4 servings.⁠⁠

Don’t forget to eat any leftover fruit for a snack with a kick. Comment below what you’re including in your sangria. Yassssss, bbs!

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